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Saturday, April 18, 2009

How to Choose your DUI or DWI Lawyer from the Internet

Episode Nine delayed to 4/26/2009 - This episode is set about how to choose your DUI or DWI lawyer from the internet - because there are several sources for finding which lawyer to use, I want you to know that at www.DUI-Help.com and www.gotDUI.com, we are making changes to allow fellow attorneys and former clients to rate the listed DWI attorneys. Right now, we have taken the listed DUI attorneys and sorted them by city - top listings have paid for premium placement followed by free listings - all the lawyers are good to choose from and seek many opinions.

For a paid or free listing, an attorney needs to have a reputable practice, preferably a nice & informative website for the public about drunk driving law, and most of the attorney's practice in drunk driving defense law. There are some huge DUI DWI only law firms out there - we make no recommendation at our sites about any law firm - we'll let the rating fall where they may as time ticks by and the results accumulate.

We don't just let any lawyer become a www.DUI-Help.com and www.gotDUI.com defense attorney listed in our directories - we make them prove they have commitment, quality, presence, devotion, good content, reputation, and recommendations

Our first warning is for the top sponsored listings on search engines - while at our sites we've only selected drunk driving defense lawyers who are of known quality. On Google, or any other search engine, be it known that the top many listings are what are referred to as "sponsored" listings - lawyers who don't necessarily know what they are doing can advertise in these slots for big money - these listings are also known as pay per click paid listings - it is what has put Google on the map with huge revenues.

So while you are surfing for a lawyer - go to the sites and read! A lawyer who knows something about drunk driving will have a good website with DUI content and even penalties. Most good DUI lawyers have websites that includes information for their area. Many old timers don't have websites and still have yellow page ads. Go to the internet for the lawyers who are tech ready - they must be available on the internet and by phone call or email.

Because of our tech world, no longer do you have to go in and meet your potential lawyer in person. It is definitely helpful, but really, if you are going to get a good lawyer fee, you want the DUI attorney with the lowest overhead. Big law firms indicate lots of cash flow need and hurried staff. Usually a high fee means the lawyer thinks much of his work - a low fee means that the firm must be doing lots of cases to keep everyone paid. If a firm has lots of bling, it may also mean everything is really on a credit card or home equity loan.

Hopefully you won't be fooled and simply talk with an associate - if you choose a law firm w/ a spot lighted lawyer, you should be able to talk with him or her. If you get an investigator or associate, perhaps it will be OK, but don't you want to talk to the drunk driving defense attorney who will represent you? And, you want them to be the one in court on your case during significant events about your case - like the DMV hearing and when arguing in court or getting your sentence.

You also don't want too busy a lawyer - if you can't get them on the phone, or an email back from them in a reasonable amount of time, perhaps you should keep looking! If you show up for your appointment w/ the big named lawyer, does someone take his or her place? Demand better - and there are plenty of qualified drunk driving defense lawyers ready to assist you on our sites here.

If you live in a state where lawyer direct mail solicitation is allowed, expect some letters to come in the mail. You will likely receive many letters from a variety of lawyers. It is best to put these letters aside and give them to the attorney you hire later - don't hire any of these lawyers that send you mailings - even the good ones are only ploys to get your business, and often for some unreasonable price.

You'll know you've reached the right attorney if you talk to some solo practitioners - these are the small lawyers without big overhead, egos, and ones that are so good the juries don't see them winning your case until they vote "not guilty". You don't really want the lawyer who is so well know for case after case with the prosecutors and judges - they just think you're on the assembly line for a guilty plea if you take one of these attorneys by mistake.

One sure sign of an incompetent DUI attorney is one who right off the bat states you should not have a DMV hearing to save your license - remember, in most states, you must demand a hearing to save your drivers license and only a worthless lawyer would forgo a chance to save your driving privilege especially if you need it!

Lastly, you'll want to make sure you don't simply take your family lawyer, bankruptcy attorney, immigration counsel, divorce lawyer, former business attorney, or former District Attorneys. Now, some of these lawyers might know the ins and out of DUI law, but generally lawyers specialize in an area. You might think why not former district attorneys? Well, because they tend to want to continue to work for "justice" or the right outcome, rather than what is best for you - some former DA's though are simply great defense attorneys.

Don't be scared to talk to more than one DUI lawyer to get more than one opinion on your case - you are going to spend lots of money on your attorney if they are of any qualify. And when you are looking beware of any lawyer that talks badly about his fellow lawyers in the field - perhaps the best thing you can do is strike any DUI attorney from your list if they tell you to only hire one "type" of attorney or another. You want to go select on your own, using your best logic and common sense, the lawyer who will handle your case. You know if your case is a winner or a loser - the good DUI lawyer knows a little more as s/he can tell if even if you think you have a loser DUI case, a good result might be had with the right treatment applied to your case. Saving your license can mean all the difference so never give up at the Department of Motor Vehicles!

Check out and use only the lawyers at our sites - www.DUI-Help.com and www.gotDUI.com

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Follow the Path of a Successfull Drunk Driving Defense

Have you, a friend or loved one been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alchol? If so, we understand what you are going through.

We also know that understanding your rights and how to protect them is not general knowledge for most people.

We provide you with a comprehensive and intuitive online resource containing information on guidelines, time sensitive issues, scientific data, books, and even products to help you to avoid this from happening again.

Listen to the DUI Cubed Law Pod Cast or search for your counsel at our websites - DUI-Help.com or gotDUI.com

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